Welcome to the home of Zorg's Didjital Sound Journeys!

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Some time ago I wondered what it would sound like to have a large number of didjeridoos all circling around in the stereo field with their sound waves alternately reinforcing and interfering with each other. So I recorded this piece which has twelve(!) didjeridoos, six of which move with different kinds of "Brauer motion" and the other six which move with "normal" panning in different phases.

I called it "In The High Spaces", partly because although there's a huge amount of low sounds, my focus while playing was actually on creating a sonic space for the much higher harmonics - in particular there's a major third harmonic that sits in the spaces created by the lower sounds. I experience that as the sound of the angels img seems to be missing.jpg
News in the time of COVID-19:
I will not be doing any public events in the forseeable future. Meanwhile, you can hear my didjeridoo playing on the last track of the "Integration" EP from Ecstatic Dance Records.
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My wish for you now, as always, is that you be healthy, strong, grounded, safe and long-lived! See my http://nadayoga.us site for more details about this blessing!
Earlier news:
It has been a great joy to offer didjeridoo sound journeys in multiple formats around the San Francisco Bay Area in recent years. I offer support for Kuṇḍalinī meditation, as described on my Kuṇḍalinī Yoga page. I have also offered sound healings for Ecstatic Dances, and longer-form journeys in support of Breathwork, Yoga and pre-natal Yoga, and it was a profound joy to take part in the " Enlightenment Via Music, Kirtan, Feelings & Energetic Awakening" sādhana retreat in Florida.